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Arizona Government Info and Resource Locator – Look up your elected representatives
Arizona Legislature – Member Roster
United States Senate – Senator Roster
United States House of Representatives – Congressmen and Congresswoman Roster

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Arizona Ombudsman Citizens’ Aide take complaints about elected officials?

No. We cannot take complaints about elected officials. This includes officials otherwise elected to agencies we can take complaints about such as the Attorney General.

How can I identify my local Senators and Representatives?

You must know the legislative district you live in before determining who your legislators are. If you do not know the district you live in, you can enter your address in to the Arizona Government Info and Resource Locator.

If you already know the district that you live in, you can go to the Arizona Legislature website. The website will provide you with the email address, mailing address, and telephone number of each Legislator.

Where can I obtain a voting records for my Arizona legislative representatives?

The information is not available online. You can receive that information through the House Chief Clerk’s office by calling 602-926-3032 or the Senate Secretary’s office at 602-926-4231.

When does the Arizona legislative session begin?

Pursuant to statute section 44-1101, the legislature shall assemble at the seat of government at twelve o’clock noon on the second Monday of January each year.

How can I find the status of a particular bill?

Log on to www.azleg.gov. Make sure the correct session is selected If you know the bill number, type the bill number in the Bill # Search box (ie, SB1001 or HB1001) and click “Search.” Click either the “Bill Status HTML” or “Bill Status TEXT” link for a bill’s status.

Who can I contact if I need assistance interpreting the status of a bill?

If you need assistance interpreting the status of a bill, you may call the Senate information desk at 602-926-3559 or the House information desk at 602-926-4221.